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A maillist to improve support for Microstation users, especially those on the Apple Macintosh platform

Updated 2003-04-12:

Welcome to this maillist for CAD users, in particular but not exclusively those who've used Bentley's Microstation on the Macintosh. Nowadays there are all sorts of CAD gurus here, users and managers of Archicad, Autocad, Microstation, Revit, PCs, Macs and whatnot. The traffic on the list is sparse, but among the 100(+-) subscribers around the world there are people who can give good answers to the most nitty-gritty unsolvable CAD problems, in particular cross-platform issues!

This is probably the fastest Microstation support source of all! I've got answers to my questions within a few minutes, even when posting a question in the middle of the night - there always seems to be a Microstation user awake on the other side of the world.

Please note that the Web Archive lets you go back and view old postings in a convenient way - you don't need to save all messages yourself just for reference.


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