If you have any tips, send an e-mail to Thomas Holm. In Sweden just for members of MAF - the Swedish Microstation user group.

Your tip should preferably contain the name of the utility, what platforms it runs on, a short description, price category and an address (URL or e-mail). If possible, a short comment on usefulness or the like. We're trying to collect utilities that are hard to find elsewhere, so please avoid common Vault or Select utilities, unless you can for example direct us to a compilation for a platform that is not supported in Bentley's standard libraries.

Below, running within Microstation 95 is expected if nothing else is stated. Please note that several of the functions offered are available in enhanced versions within Microstation SE. Underlined phrases are links to sites where the utilities can be found. Clicking on some links will start an immediate download from MAF's file archive.

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view utilities - how to display


Ctrl-click opens a moving zoomed-in window around the cursor - useful when you're looking for a certain point!

Salient Solutions

Turns off levels by selecting elements

MS5/95 - DOS/Win/Nt - Zipped - 3k


A MDL that gives immediate info on the current tentative point! Excellent!

Xmas gift (except for Mac users) from Chris Zakrewsky


Click on an element and the display of it's level is immediately turned off, regardless of wether it's in the active design or in a reference file. New improved version by Allan Seidel.

MS95 - All - Zipped - 3k


Same function as above, but a User Command instead.

MS95 - All - Zipped - 3k

Quick Snap

Here's a small MDL application for automatic snapping (like "AutoSnap" tool in Autocad 14). Now link to the open source site.

Note: This Mac compile isn't bug free. If you know of a better one, mail me

MS95/SE - Win/Alpha/Linux - Zipped - 7k

MS95/SE - Mac - Stuffed - 12k


design utilities - change and create

Changes graphic element attributes for elements selected who match an attribute match pattern.

MS95/SE - Win/NT - Zipped - 5K

Area Tools

Measure all kinds of areas

MS95-Win/NT-Bentley Select


Change element color without changing Acitve Attribute

MS95 - All - Zipped - 2K

Change lines, linestrings and shapes into multilines

MS95/SE - All

Erases a level, text, or within a placed shape like Fence-Clip but without the Fence!

MS95 - PMac - Stuffed --
MS95 - Win/NT -Zipped

Updated MDL to change line weight based on color. With source code.
If you know of a recent Mac compile,
mail me

MS95/SE - Win/NT - Zipped - 5K

A utility to place callout leaders, section markers etc in drawings.

MS95 - Win/NT -Zipped
MS95 - PMac - Stuffed --


Extends or cuts several lines at once against one cutting line.

MS95 - All - Zipped - 3K


Places text from font 123 (NYSDOT) for symbols. Sets the height and width to even values based on the current height, and places the char read from the command line (example key-in MACRO FONT123 q).

MS95 - All - Zipped - 1K

A different, efficient variety of SELECTBY.

MS95 - PMac - Stuffed --
MS95 - Win/NT -Zipped

Places a grid in the design file.

MS95/SE - All - Zipped - 7K

KEYINC increments or decrements numbers that are the first word in text lines or multi-line text nodes. Use to renumber keyed notes or numbered general notes, room numbers etc. New, updated version.

MS95/SE - All - Zipped - 7K

layer MDL

Use it to change draw order of layers. Useful for Postscript printing. SOURCE CODE ONLY. If you know of recent, good compiles, mail me

MS95 - All - Zipped - 2K


Moves elements and Graphic Groups to another level WITHOUT ACTIVATING that level!. Open the Keyin-window first. Run it. Keyin the desired level. Select element to move.

MS95 - All - Zipped - 2K

Lock your input data points to a specific depth. Depth and axis selectable.

MS95 - Win/NT - Zipped - 1K

Divides a line in two.

MS95-Win/NT-get from systems hk

A couple of extra commands for Accudraw. SUSPEND for a moment, and ROTATE TO ELEMENT. Now link to Rob's Open Source site.
And a Mac version!

Win/NT/Alpha- from the Freestuff page.

MS95/SE - Mac - Stuffed - 16k

Allows you to batch change the Angle, Scale, Size, Font of Text; Scale, size, angle of Cells; and Scale, Size of Linears.

MS95-Win/NT-get from systems hk

A tool to change element's attributes, without using the active settings!

MS95 - Win/NT - Zipped - 6K

Small MDL that places a revision cloud in the drawing

MS95-Win/NT-Salient Solutions


Two small macros that set "smart line" to circle segment resp. straight line. Put them under Function Keys and you get a fast way to create contigous, measurable entities, such as floor heating pipes.

MS95 - All - Zipped - 1K
MS95 - All - Zipped - 1k

XYZTXT.MA is an MDL application that allows you to import, export, and label coordinate points in either 2D or 3D design files.

MS95-Win/NT-Bentley Select
Vault CD # 7.1


cell utilities - move and change

Documents and places cells into a design file in a matrix of your choosing.

MS95 -Win/NT- get from systems hk

A comprehensive cell counting and listing utility.

MS95/SE - All -Zipped

Replaces cells by name

MS95/SE - All -Zipped

Editor for cell libraries. List, print catalogs.
Revised version with source, compiled for SE and J!

MS95/SE - PMac - Stuffed
MSSE/J - Win/NT -Zipped

"Splatters" cells in random locations within a fence boundary. Use for example to spread plants in a landscape design. A creative innovation!
WARNING: Have enough undo buffer!

MS95/SE - All -Zipped

Converts cells from a library to dgn files.

MS95-All-Bentley Select Stream


A very basic cell counter

MS95/SE - All -Zipped

Replaces cells by name: old -> new, changes normal to shared - globally or within a fence. This version is old, and perhaps buggy.

MS95 - PMac - Stuffed --

Replace cell

New version of the above (all platforms) has enhanced functions

MSSE-All-Bentley Select Stream

Changes scale and rotation on several cells in a file.

MS95 - Win/NT-6k
Vault CD # 7.1

Dgns to cell library

Convert a folder full of DGN files into a cell library or detail ref library with this bunch of macros from AKSeidel: CLIBMKR, SVMKR and ITEM were designed to handle the task. New: Specify cell origin.

MS95/SE - All - Zipped - 6K


reference utilities - manipulate better

Toggles the display of attached reference files satisfying a name search criteria. Use this macro as the display mechanism for a menu system that conveniently turns on or off individual or groups of reference files at once.

MS95/SE - All-4k

Duplicates reference attachment settings - how many times have I prayed for this one? I never got it on the Mac-but now I have SE.

MS95/5 - Win/NT-63k

Macro that toggles/on/off the display/snap/locate of all attached reference files satisfying a name search criteria. Enhanced version of disptog.

MS95/SE - All


A macro to replace a target text string with the names of all displayed reference files. Example: In a drawing border, to ID the plotted files.

MS95/SE - All-1k


A ustn and Excel multi-platform macro combo that makes a text and Excel file of all the reference file attachment information for all Microstation files of a chosen category within a folder/subdirectory. Superb!

MS95/SE - All-12k

Sets level symbology for an entire reference file by pressing a couple of buttons. Very fast for "coloring" reference files.

MS95 - Win/NT-20k


Make a reference file the active design just by a click on an element!

MS95 - All - Zipped -


As above, but in addition centers the element.

MS95 - All - Zipped -

Make a reference file active by a click - but faster! An MDL-pro ngram.

MS95 - Win/NT-8k


other utilities


How to create a routine that automatically backups your design file each time you open a new one - no worries of accidental changes!

MS95 - All - Zipped

A window that shows the active design file's name . Useful in Microstation Mac which lacks file name in window titles. Install as a Design Application!

MS95 - PMac - Stuffed --


Finds a block (a rectangular shape) with color number 200, if there is one, within the active design file or a reference, and then places a fence with the same shape and position. Put in a drawing border, and you don't have to place fences manually at each plot sssion.

MS95 - All - Zipped -

Shows elements levelwise in small windows. Easy to move and copy levels. Select.



Unoffical fix for the memory management bug in the original MS95 PowerMac release Gives the speed of without changing anything else.

MS95 - PMac - Stuffed --

List of Traditional MicroStation/IGDS Keyins and Commands

MS-All-get from systems hk


This multiplatform macro creates the correct maximum size plot fence for you to place, depending on the current paper size and chosen plot scale. What a utility! I've waited 10 years for this one! AK Seidel did it again!
New version- now handles the system printer correctly on both Windows and Macintosh.
If you set a variable in the macro, it even writes a text file with plot data. An Excel macro provided will format the plot record file for easy reading.

MS95/SE - All - Zipped -20K

The old DOS version

Renumbers graphic groups and text nodes.

MS95 - Pmac - Stuffed


An Excel macro that helps create the necessary layer>level>ref-file mapping tables AND helps edit the dwg.bas macro, all needed when importing Autocad DWG files with more layers than 63. A GEM!

MSSE/J - All - Zipped - 6K



ISO fonts z_f90_93.rsc

ISO-fonts with Swedish and other High-ASCII-characters. New version, now including the Euro symbol. Please note that these fonts are the current versions of the ISO fonts delivered with Microstation as font no:s 105 etc !
This is also a source for a Cyrillic (Russian) ISO font.

CAD Partner Oy


externals - separate programs


An independant viewer application for microstation,autocad,And other file formats.

Demo version


A stand-alone PC application that deletes duplicate elements from Microstationdesign files.

DOS/Win/NT- get from systems hk


PAGESETUP is a small mac application that sets AND SAVES the default paper space and orientation for the currently selected LaserWriter driver. Copy and rename the driver, and you can have pre-sets for each paper size! USE ON A COPY ONLY!!!

All Macintosh - Stuffed --


This is a completely unofficial and unsupported compilation of PlotFile for use on Macintosh computers with 68K processors. It's supposed to be functionally equal to the PowerPC "server-mode capable" version of PlotFile distributed with Microstation95/Mac. Utilize an old 68KMac as a plot server, connected to a serial plotter!

All Macintosh - Stuffed --

TIMS RefUtil

TIMS RefUtil v 3.5.0 is a Windows NT/95 command line utility that is used to manage MicroStation reference file names. The utility lists reference file names, logical names and descriptions and can strip off pathnames or perform multiple sub-string replacements on the attached file names.

TIMS RefUtil v 3.5.0


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