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shortcuts and customized commands

It's simple to make your own customized commands for your own utility collection. You can customize:



function keys

Workspace > Function Keys

buttons in palettes

within your own or Microstation's standard palettes: Workspace > Customize

Keep in mind that it's easier to make and maintain completely new tool palettes (Tool Box) than to maintain modified standard palettes or menus. Your customizations are normally (if you're using default workspace) saved in the wsui / default folder in a file called ustn.m01. If you haven't modified Microstation's delivered palettes of menus, it may be possible to move this file into the new installations at each upgrade, so you don't have to repeat the work. However, remember this is done at your own risk!

menu commands

Workspace > Customize


how to port MDL applications to other platforms

This is a new project of mine - I think the best way to increase Microstation's usability on all platforms is to spread the knowledge on how to write MDLs as portable as possible, and to encourage ordinary users to port existing MDLs to their own platform. This is just a beginning. Contributions of all kinds are welcome. Send them to

The Mac-MDL Cook Book

The primary edition of a handbook project on how to port existing and how to write portable MDLs.

01-03-99 th

the fine print

This page is part of the Swedish Microstation user group's web site. Here, we primarily list freeware or shareware macros and other useful utilities. Please note that we rely entirely on YOU to support this page. If you know of a good utility that's useful with Microstation, or know where to find one, don't hesitate to send a tip immediately to
Thomas Holm!

We're also grateful for information on expired links, problems etc. - we have no means of checking them all the time.

Please note that certain utilities are available from Bentley (Select Online or Vault CD:s) with restricted access only - you need a Select user account and password. However, some of these utilities are available only for a limited range of platforms from Select Online. As a service to our members, a limited number of those utilities are supplied here in user-compiled versions for OTHER platforms than Bentley currently supports. Please be aware that using these utilities without a Select license might violate copyright rules.

Currently, we have no knowledge of specific problems with the software listed, other than that some of it might be rather crude, and might not behave the way you expect at first sight. However, please note that we: - have not tested all utilities, - give no warranty whatsoever, and - accept no liability or responsibility for any damage implied by any programs, routines or procedures described or listed on these pages. Always backup everything before you test unknown software.. If shareware is listed, this implies that the software must be paid for, and payment information is usually supplied when the software is downloaded. Please inform us by
e-mail if any problem with utilities listed here should surface, and also if there is any risk of copyright infringement.
Good luck!!/ Thomas Holm



the list
Link to the MAF website (the Microstation TMC group of Sweden). Most of the content is written in Swedish.
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